The inspiration for TutoriALL started with founder Brian Wells' boyhood love of surfing. Being an avid surfer since the age of sixteen, it was only natural that Brian's passion would grow from riding surfboards to creating or "shaping" them. It was during his first attempts at shaping in his attic studio that Brian realized how much more convenient it would be to have the instructions literally at hand, easy to read and navigate, on his mobile device. He also believed that the mobile application should not only be accommodating for the user, but for the tutorial creator as well.

Brian took his concept to Start Norfolk in November 2011, where he met co-founder, designer Noel Miciano. Within the course of a weekend, TutoriALL went from an ingenious idea to an award-winning product, taking home first place.

With TutoriALL, users are offered the ability to create and share original ideas and visions by uploading personalized images and instructions. In order to ensure the tutorials are straight-forward and easy to build and use, the TutoriALL team is continually updating and advancing the platform.

The Team

Since 2009 and the prominence of mobile devices, founder Brian Wells' primary focus has been iPhone/Android development and design. Prior to 2009, he spent fourteen years developing consumer facing web and Flash applications. Brian currently works for Homes.com (a division of Dominion Enterprises) as a Senior Mobile Developer, creating iPhone and Android applications. He has previously done work for Remax, Homes.com, Electronic Arts, CNET, McGraw-Hill, Heineken, Sephora, Southern Comfort and various Web 2.0 startups. Most recently, Brian was awarded first place Mobile Innovation Award at Dominion Enterprises.

Noel Miciano has been designing user-centric interfaces for mobile and web applications, dashboards and websites since 2006. He is currently a user-interface designer with NBT Solutions. Noel previously worked for Dominion Enterprises, where he won the Employee Spotlight Award for the 2010 Spring Quarter.

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