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How to make Puck

Created by: noel

Step: 1: Here is what we're making today. Meet Puck, a mischievous imp that likes to pull pranks.

Step: 2: You will need: The cut-out pattern for Puck, different colored felt, thread, a needle, safety pins, scissors, a pen, glue, and poly fill for stuffing.

Step: 3: Fold a gold sheet of felt in half and trace the body.

Step: 4: Put safety pins through the felt so they stay in place when you cut around the line.

Step: 5: After cutting, you will have 2 pieces of the body.

Step: 6: Trace and cut the rest of the pattern. Cream felt for the face, black felt for eyes and red felt for the mouth.

Step: 7: We are using the over stitch to put the pieces of felt together. (image source:

Step: 8: Over stitch around the body and leave an opening at the bottom to put poly fill stuffing.

Step: 9: Uh-oh, Puck is nervous about getting stuffed! Do not cram the poly fill, but carefully stuff inside, or else your stitching might come apart!

Step: 10: When you're done stuffing Puck, continue stitching to close him up!

Step: 11: Over stitch the face, eyes and lips then you're done! You could also use glue for the face if you'd like. Puck is ready to cause some trouble now!

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