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Jewellery display tray

Created by: Maruchi

Step: 1: I made this for my daughter, who loved the idea and the finished product!Here are the materials I used: 1. Wooden tray ( I bought it at a Goodwill store for $3.00). It was white with some flowery designs on the handles). 2. One can of black, shiny, spray paint 3. Four brass knobs 4. Four wooden knos (spray-painted black) 5. One sheet of radiator panel (bought at Home Depot) After tray was painted, I positioned the metal panel, which happened to fit the length of the tray! Then, I placed the knobs and drilled the necessary holes. The knobs were screwed and voila!!This tray could also be hanged but my daughter just placed it on top of her dresser. The metal panel is great for hanging earrings, as well!

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