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Clearing up after Dinner

Created by: marran

Step: 1: Assess the damage

Step: 2: Wipe down the table.

Step: 3: That's better!

Step: 4: Put items back on shelves

Step: 5: Tuck chairs in.

Step: 6: Place cups and glasses in the top tray of the dishwaser.

Step: 7: Put cutlery in the cutlery basket.

Step: 8: Put the plates carefully in the rack so they do not touch one another.

Step: 9: When the dishwasher is full, put a dishwasher tablet in the compartment on the inside of the dishwasher door. Close it firmly by sliding it over.

Step: 10: Select the programme and press the on button to start.

Step: 11: Wipe down the work surfaces. Don't forget any!

Step: 12: Leave the sink clean and tidy.

Step: 13: Sweep down the floor if necessary.

Step: 14: Now you can sit down with a nice cup of tea.

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