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CB750 - Choke Cable

Created by: Jon Ferrell

Step: 1: Remove the right and left hand side covers

Step: 2: Remove the seat by removing the bolts towards the center

Step: 3: This is what the seat bolts look like. Each has a flat washer.

Step: 4: Turn the fuel shut off valve to the off position.

Step: 5: Remove the bolt that secures the gas tank.

Step: 6: This is what the tank bolt looks like it has a gap washer attached.

Step: 7: Remove the rubber gasoline supply tube.

Step: 8: This is the gasoline supply tube. Beware it will drip a little bit after you remove it, so have a cloth nearby.

Step: 9: Now grip the gas tank with both hands, lift up and pull it backward off of its rubber posts.

Step: 10: Remove the three bolts that secure the air cleaner assembly.

Step: 11: These are the three bolts securing the air cleaner. The top bolt is smaller, the back bolts are longer.

Step: 12: This shows the place where the air filter bolts have been removed. The back two bolts have rubber insert anchors.

Step: 13: At the throttle cable loosen the locknut and then turn the barrel all the way in to make it as loose as possible.

Step: 14: At each of the carburetors loosen the clamps on the right and left. Each of the clamps has a Phillips head screw head. Then slide the clamps off the carburetors.

Step: 15: Remove the battery negative and positive leads and remove the battery and tray it rests on from the frame.

Step: 16: This is a picture of what is connected to the negative lead on the battery.

Step: 17: After you remove the battery leads, remove the battery by swinging the hinge door open.

Step: 18: Here is how the battery comes out. It It slides in with the battery leads facing toward the front of the bike.

Step: 19: This is the Battery Tender charger cable that gets reconnected to the battery, when you reinstall it..

Step: 20: Part of this process is to move the battery housing. To do that you need to remove the battery drain hose. This picture depicts the routing of that hose through the frame.

Step: 21: To actually remove the battery frame you have to remove two more screws located to its rear.

Step: 22: These are the two screws.

Step: 23: In order to move the battery compartment you need to disconnect some of the Electrical system connections. The followings slides depict each step. Step one use needle nose pliers to remove these two connections.

Step: 24: Here is what they look like disconnected. The green stripe is the parallel connection. The plain white cable is the perpendicular connection. The green grounding cable is not connected to anything.

Step: 25: This whole assembly just slides out of a rubber pocket as shown.

Step: 26: Here is that assembly removed from its rubber pocket. Just swing it out-of-the-way after you remove it.

Step: 27: Starting from the top of the wiring harness, use a small screwdriver to depress the flexible connecting piece on the wiring harness then use the same screwdriver to wiggle the connection off on the right.

Step: 28: Do the same with the second harness look for an X on this red electrical connector.

Step: 29: The third is a fatter white connector with a blue wire cover.

Step: 30: The final is a red connector at the bottom.

Step: 31: Note how the red connector is further strapped to the battery case. You will need to remove this as well.

Step: 32: Now you need to remove the hoses from the crankcase breather collector tank. Use needle nose pliers to wiggle the metal clamp ring away from the collector tank.

Step: 33: Now go back around to the other side of the bike and remove the last connector in the same manner which is a rectangular white connector with the yellow marker tape.

Step: 34: Here is how that connector looks when the cable is disconnected.

Step: 35: Now on the same side of the bike you're going to see another tube connected to the crankcase breather collector tank. Use needle nose pliers to remove the tube on this side.

Step: 36: Here is how the tank looks when the second tube is disconnected. Have a cloth ready because it may trip some oil like looking material.

Step: 37: The tank is kind of wedged in to the frame with a spring-loaded clamp just twist it out to remove it.

Step: 38: This picture shows the strapping mechanism for the tank.

Step: 39: This picture shows the crank case breather tank. The curved pipe is towards the left side of the bike. The straight pipe is to the right side of the bike.

Step: 40: Pull the air cleaner box away from the carburetors.

Step: 41: Move this to out-of-the-way of the carburetors.

Step: 42: Remove this rubber assembly that connects the two drain tubes over the carburetors.

Step: 43: Here is the removed assembly. The long end goes to the right side of the bike the short and goes to the left.

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