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Re-Tire converting tires into construction materials

Created by: Christomazos

Step: 1: Each year more than 3 billion tires are discarded all around the world and thrown into dumps

Step: 2: We begin by choosing a tire and cutting it in half using a miter saw. When the roof shingles will be massed produced specific press machine punches will be used.

Step: 3: The next step is to cut off the side wall of the tire using a hand saw and electric hand-saw.

Step: 4: We now have the tread of the tire remaining which we will cut into equal parts that will be finished into rubber roof shingles.

Step: 5: The tire tread is now cut into 4 to 5 equal parts depending on the tire size.

Step: 6: One tire has now produced four tire roof shingles.

Step: 7: The excess tire from the edges of the rubber tire shingles is cut off to even out the sides, thus creating a perfect rectangle measuring approximately 30 cm x 15 cm.

Step: 8: Begin making roof truss. Using 2 by 2 wood.

Step: 9: We then nail the pieces of wood with some glue and a nail gun.

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