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How to apply grit tape to a skateboard

Created by: bw

Step: 1: Purchase a new skateboard, grit tape, new razor and any screw driver will do the trick

Step: 2: Peel off grit tape back and apply to top of the skateboard

Step: 3: Flatten it over the top of the skateboard and remove any bubbles

Step: 4: Run the screwdriver along the outer edge of the skateboard creating a well worn line, this line is where the razor will cut off the excess grit tape

Step: 5: Create an entire outline of the skateboard

Step: 6: Run the razor along the line you created ... it will peel off like butter

Step: 7: Continue around the entire skateboard deck

Step: 8: There you have it ... a perfect skateboard deck with its freshly applied grit tape

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