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How to do a korean bun :))

Created by: Chiuchiu

Step: 1: Brush your hair

Step: 2: Make a high ponytail

Step: 3: Take a "donut"

Step: 4: And place it in your ponytail.

Step: 5: Cover the whole donut should not be able to see the donut anymore

Step: 6: Take another elastic hairband

Step: 7: And use it to fix the donut

Step: 8: There will be so much hair hanging out of the donut,right?

Step: 9: Softly pull some hair to make a litle bit more volume!

Step: 10: Wrap the rest of the hair around your bun if you need to.if not just leave it

Step: 11: Fix your hair with some hairpins.and move your bun to make it look perfectly and not messy

Step: 12: And done is your supercute korean bun! Add some hair accesory if u want.

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