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How to Install a Wire Rope Ferrule

Created by: Rikkib

Step: 1: On cable from reel, mark both 62.5mm and 125mm with marker

Step: 2: Insert cable to ferrule and loop back aligning end, centre mark (62.4mm) and rear mark (125mm)

Step: 3: Crimp loop side of ferrule

Step: 4: Crimp rear of ferrule, make sure crimp tool overhangs the ferrule to prevent sharp edges and leaving rounded bulge in centre of ferrule.

Step: 5: Insert bench pipe to cable and insert in bench

Step: 6: Pull cable taught and mark on cable at cut mark, and cut cable at mark.

Step: 7: Mark 62.5 and 125mm marks

Step: 8: Loop and crimp to marks

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