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Button Dress with Ruffles

Created by: JenniferFarris1121

Step: 1: I have a new respect for anyone who has ever made a sewing tutorial that I have used to help me learn how to sew. I started this to help a friend of mine and decided to post it for anyone who it might be able to help.

Step: 2: Cut out 4 pieces for the front and back of the bodice. I used a shirt that fits my daughter as a guide for the width, neckline and arm holes. Make sure to cut it a little bigger for seam allowance.

Step: 3: Cut 2 of the bodice pieces in half.

Step: 4: The 2 pieces remaining intact will be the back. Sew them right sides together leaving the bottom open to turn it right side out. After it's been turned right side out press it with an iron.

Step: 5: Do the same for the two front pieces

Step: 6: Cut a rectangle that is 4 inches wider total than the bodice piece for the lining. Make it the desired length of your dress. Keep in mind the bottom ruffle will make you dress approximately 3 inches longer. The picture shows my lining folded with the edges meeting in the middle.

Step: 7: Serge all raw edges or use a zig zag stitch

Step: 8: Cut and serge bottom of ruffles. I used six ruffles that were 3" by 44". Depending on the length of the dress you might need more ruffles. I made this one short to be worn as a top instead of a dress.

Step: 9: If you want to add tulle this is the step where you would add it. You will need to cut the same number of strips as ruffles you want and add a half inch. So mine were 3 1/2 inches. I turned the strips into ruffles with my serger. Using the following settings, 2.0, 4, 7 and the setting the needles tension to 6. Making ruffles with a sewing machine can be done by using a straight stitch at the longest length and setting your tension to 9 or highest setting. You will need to zig zag to finish the raw edges if you use a sewing machine. Make sure to leave excess thread to pull the ruffle to make it longer if need be.

Step: 10: Because this dress has buttons going down the middle I went ahead finished the raw edges of the ruffles. If you we're making a basic ruffled skirt you would put right sides together and make circles with your ruffles to attach them to the lining.

Step: 11: If you are using different kinds of fabric make sure to keep the pattern in mind that you want and select the ruffle that will be on the bottom and sew it directly onto the lining. A side note, I made my bottom tulle piece a little longer than all the rest.

Step: 12: A back view after I attached the bottom ruffle

Step: 13: Keep sewing the ruffles on as straight as possible until all of them have been attached. Make sure to space them out evenly but close enough together to cover the top of the previous ruffle.

Step: 14: Half way done

Step: 15: Once you get closer to the top it is easier to turn it around and sew it from the other side.

Step: 16: Some ruffles may be too long. If so gather them in sections to make it fit.

Step: 17: Some ruffles may be too short. If so stretch it out to make it fit.

Step: 18: All the ruffles are attached. Notice I had some extra fabric at the top. Just serge it even with the top ruffle or cut it off and finish the raw edge.

Step: 19: A back view, as you can see my ruffles aren't perfectly straight :)

Step: 20: A helpful hint for attaching ruffles. Press them flat with your hand.

Step: 21: Back to the bodice. Sew the sides together. They are both right sides so it doesn't matter but if you used a different fabric for the lining or you have a certain pattern you want centered make sure to put right sides together.

Step: 22: Sew the tops together as well.

Step: 23: The bodice, serge the raw edges or zig zag

Step: 24: Now you will need to attach the bodice to the skirt

Step: 25: Make sure to put right sides together. Sew the front half tight along the skirt and stop after you have sewn just that much.

Step: 26: Pin the other half of the front tight along the end of the skirt

Step: 27: Now you should have extra fabric on the skirt. To attach it to the bodice add a few small pleats. This just gives it a little fuller look in the back.

Step: 28: You should check along the dress where the bodice and skirt are attached to make sure none of the stitching is showing like above. If so just turn it back wrong side out and go back over it with a straight stitch making sure to stay on the left side of the previous stitch.

Step: 29: Cut 2 rectangles an inch longer than your dress by 8' and finish the edges.

Step: 30: Press the short sides of both rectangle over

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