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Annoying Snot

Created by: ZubiPuente

Step: 1: Got an annoying snot? Here's a solutition.

Step: 2: Step 1: Become annoyed! That lil' booger is making things uncomfortable.

Step: 3: Step 2: Become FED UP! Can't take it any more. Your nose cant and WONT take that abusive rubbing any longer. Oh, no tissuuuuuue. Uuugh!

Step: 4: Step 3: Look for any kind of disposable and sanitary supply to BLOW that nose into, or on to? I can't find a damn thing. I'm alone. I think.... Well, here goes...

Step: 5: Step 4: Find index finger. (Right hand or Left hand. It's just a matter of preference really.) I'm normally right handed. But I'm feeling extra whimsical today. I'll go with my left hand! Yessss.

Step: 6: Step 5: Insert index finger into your nose. But maaaake suuuure that you are still alone. Unless you don't care what other people see you do. Then, forget what I said. Carry on...

Step: 7: Step 6: Get a hold of that stringy thang and pull!

Step: 8: Step 7: KEEP PULLING!!!

Step: 9: Step 9: Be relieved! But wait! That's not the end to all of this. I was to give it the most fitting afterlife. Most fit for a booger.

Step: 10: And this concludes how to get rid of that pesky snot. Thank you for wondering. -spontaneously written by: Zubi Puente.

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