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How to email photos on Blackberry

Created by: shannonfw

Step: 1: Open the media folder

Step: 2: Open the picture folder

Step: 3: Open "camera pictures"

Step: 4: Open first photo

Step: 5: Press "blackberry" button

Step: 6: Scroll to "send" and click

Step: 7: Select "email"

Step: 8: Scroll so "large" is clicked rather than "original" to decrease file size

Step: 9: Press "ok"

Step: 10: Press "blackberry" button

Step: 11: Scroll to and click "attach" again

Step: 12: Select "picture"

Step: 13: Select "camera pictures"

Step: 14: Highlight second photo and select

Step: 15: Click "ok"

Step: 16: Repeat steps 8-12 until all photos are added

Step: 17: Fill in email of recipient in "To:" and rest of message as you normally would

Step: 18: Press "send"

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