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DIY Glitter jar

Created by: Luv_Soccer123

Step: 1: Glittered mason candle jar.

Step: 2: Mix glue and water into a separate bowl to make your own mod podge.

Step: 3: Now take a paintbrush and take some mod podge and paint it in the inside of the jar. Make sure to get everywhere inside.

Step: 4: Next tape together multiple pieces of tape and shape it anyway you want. I did a circle. Then put the shape into the jar in the middle of any side you want

Step: 5: Now, get any glitter of your choice, mine is silver and pour a generous amount of it into the mason jar. Once you pour it in, screw the lid on and roll the jar n it's side.

Step: 6: Now pour out the extra glitter. Also peel off the tape.

Step: 7: Let it dry. Then take some glass beads and pour some in the jar.

Step: 8: I'm taking a fake flamless candle and just placing it where you can see it through the jar.

Step: 9: and your done!

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