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How to make recycled buttons!!!

Created by: Olivia0231

Step: 1: Your going to need two kinds of cardboard, thick and thin

Step: 2: Next cut the card board in squares (doesn't matter what size) remember to cut the thinner cardboard in smaller squares (Not to small though!!!)

Step: 3: Next take one thick cardboard square and two thin card board square, then cut into circles, make the thin card board a tiny tiny tiny bit smaller

Step: 4: Using a poky tool/scissors poke two holes in the thick cardboard circle.

Step: 5: To make the holes in the thin cardboard circles line it up with the thick cardboard circle, (I use a pin/needle to make the holes in the thin cardboard, by poking multiple holes and wiggling the needle to make it bigger.

Step: 6: Next using two toothpicks put the thin cardboard circle through it

Step: 7: Put wet glue on the circle

Step: 8: Stick the thicker circle through the toothpicks and press the two circles togther

Step: 9: Glue the other thin circle. almost done!!

Step: 10: Tear apart small pieces of tissue paper,

Step: 11: Using wet glue/ mod podge/ homemade podge(water and wet glue) cover the cardboard button with the tissue paper.

Step: 12: It should look something like this:)

Step: 13: Once the glue is dry paint the button desired color, or you can leave it the color the tissue paper was.

Step: 14: Once that layer is dry you can either leave it or add more details, by dabbing different colors or shades of your color over it. You can use old nail polish or paint, markers, ink pads ect.

Step: 15: Next cover the button with either glossy glues or clear nail polish.

Step: 16: Your button is done!!

Step: 17: You can do any shape! These buttons are prefect for scrap booking, art journaling and even clothing and jewelry!:)

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