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Fishtail pony

Created by: Sunshine

Step: 1: Make a side pony.

Step: 2: Split the pony in two equal sections.

Step: 3: Now take a little piece of hair from one section but not to small or this braid will take a long time but not to big or it will look like a normal braid.

Step: 4: Now put that little section of hair in the other section of hair (the one we didn't take hair out of)

Step: 5: Now take a piece of hair out of the section of hair we just put hair in, and put it in to the other section. Now repeat the last step and this step till you reach the bottom of your hair.

Step: 6: This is what it looks like I am going to gently take out the blue elastic but you don't have to.

Step: 7: This is the finished look its great for picture day because you can see the braid.

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