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My creations

Created by: Breanna johnson02

Step: 1: First you take a piece of cardboard and fold it like in the picture and put something to support it to stay up in the corner like I used a piece of cardboard

Step: 2: Then to make the clay toys in the corner first the bears...

Step: 3: Read the instructions or figure it out or make it a unique bear

Step: 4: Then you can make the rest of the toys your style I just made mine with the things I like

Step: 5: Then in the corner I have a book bag and a lunch box

Step: 6: Then I made two chairs and the one on the left is a chair set for a mouse that I haven't made yet but there both really easy to make

Step: 7: Then I have a couch and a table the table legs has to be even or it'll fall over while baking It

Step: 8: And there's the tv all you have to do is make two colors on each side and you can or not make a picture to put on the screen side

Step: 9: Then there's a picture frame that you can make anything to go in there

Step: 10: Last but not least another picture frame you can still make something to go in there

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