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How to draw half cartoon,half realistic Percy Jackson

Created by: TheSuperCrafter

Step: 1: First, draw a head shape and oval ears.

Step: 2: After that, draw the hair. Make sure the hair is shaggy and black.

Step: 3: Then, draw the eyes and the nose. The nose should be curved.

Step: 4: Then, after that, draw the neck and the mouth. Draw the little lines in the middle of the neck.

Step: 5: Then draw the shirt. Draw it based on which age you want him to be.

Step: 6: Then draw his arms and if you want, draw his sword, Riptide. Write Camp Half-Blood on his shirt.

Step: 7: After that, draw the jeans and pockets. Then draw his shoes.

Step: 8: Then coler and done!

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