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How to make a model of an atom

Created by: Rward

Step: 1: Look at the periodic table and chose an element.

Step: 2: Get out all of your materials

Step: 3: I chose carbon for my element.

Step: 4: Figure how many protons, electrons, an protons. Look at the atomic weight and atomic mass to find how many of each.

Step: 5: Sort your protons, electrons, and neutrons into the bowl.

Step: 6: Use your yellow and white beads to make your nucleus. Bead them carefully. Use a joining knot to tie the bead to the string.

Step: 7: Try to make the nucleus into a ball.

Step: 8: Make your electron ring with wire. Place your black electrons on this wire. You can only have two electrons on the first ring.

Step: 9: Hang your nucleus from the first electron ring.

Step: 10: Make a second ring for electrons. You can have up to six electrons on the second ring. Hang the nucleus from this ring also.

Step: 11: My carbon atom.

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