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Art journaling! Step by step and inspiration!

Created by: Olivia0231

Step: 1: Step by step! Collage mixed media!

Step: 2: In either a home made art journal (like mine:) ) or a store bought one pick a page you like. In my journal I have newspaper, children's book pages, pre painted pages, and blank white pages in it! I chose to work on newspaper page because I wanted the text to show through!:)

Step: 3: Start by glueing down paper scraps! You can cover things you don't want to show as well as add more layers!

Step: 4: After glueing put a light coat of gesso over it! Home made gesso= equal amounts of tooth, pigment, and binder, Tooth= baby powder or dry wall Pigment= any kind of white paint Binder= glue

Step: 5: Once the gesso has dried paint over the whole page to tie it together!

Step: 6: Well that dries sketch or draw something:)

Step: 7: After drawing, or cutting out pictures you want to collage, you can start adding things, stamping, stencils, or just paint like I am:)

Step: 8: Now you can start coloring you drawn picture! You can use, water color, water solubles, acrylics, colored pencils, oil pastel etc.

Step: 9: Bunn bunn attacks!

Step: 10: Once you've colored your picture you can cut it out, (I messed up really bad on her face so I cut this out of a magazine and changed her eye shadow

Step: 11: Glue to the page and seal in with mod podge, Homemade mod podge= glue and water, twice as much glue as water

Step: 12: Out line the picture to make POP!!!

Step: 13: Next you can add things over it, to tie it together more!

Step: 14: Next you can journal a bit!

Step: 15: Thank you!! ( journal page I did earlier) check out my tutorial on making buttons! With recycled material!:)

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