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Cute super easy bowties

Created by: Sunflower003

Step: 1: Really cute bow ties (3 ways)

Step: 2: Sorry my camera was going crazy so I had to take the picture with my ipad Anyway What you need; , get any size frabic or leftover frabics Any color,pattern,frabic (cotton works best but I used this really werid frabic once and it came out really cute) or string ( sound ugly but comes out cute and you can hotglue like soda caps, shark teeth, or a charm)

Step: 3: Know yay!!! We get to start First get your frabic into a little square if not Arleady I'm doing a giant one so you can see it better and know you lay it out and iron it or so

Step: 4: Next you are gonna scrunch the middle and it should look like above

Step: 5: Third, you gonna get your hand band and hair band it, yes it looks ugly but just wait

Step: 6: Next add the string In the middle cover hairband The string can have a charm or the seeing can be a braclet get creative (Sorry for the photos guys, I always have hd but my camera in the shop and stuff so I had to use this crappy one and I feel the pictures make the bows look ugly I am not doing the other 2 ways till my camera out of the shop :)

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