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chicken soup grilled cheese

Created by: Sunflower003

Step: 1: Yummy chicken noodle grilled cheese I made for some surpize guest Everyone called me a cook(and that a change, since once trying to make cookies, I burnt them all and mange to be raw in the middle two, so no great cooking skills and mange to make this and be called a cook)

Step: 2: First of find some chicken soup You can make it or it can be leftover or it can be like mine, from a can, but of corse don't throw the leftover can away, it can always make cute crafts!

Step: 3: Know you need bread, of coarse You want to smash it with your can so it flat, then look at your bread ad wait till the next step The picture doesn't Match this step but can I really show you guys a picture of bread and my cheap plastic plates? No

Step: 4: Ok ok So know you cook the soup or get out your leftovers ones and know you have some chicken soup in front of you and we can move on ( also while your in the fridge get out the cheese I forgot to tell you to get-teehee)

Step: 5: Sorry their no picture i could take without it looking bad since I don't have good lighting So enjoy this picture Know yes, we are getting to the grill cheese You are gonna get the cheese ( I use 2 slices but you can use many) of any cheese But before toast the bread then put the cheese on and microwave it for 40 seconds if your like me and have a ,newer one

Step: 6: When you have your grill cheese take one slice of bread off and pour the chicken soup and the noodles on and put the bread on it and lick your lips lol The picture before I poured chicken soup on it that why it clean looking So enjoy that sandwich!

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