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Paper Doilie and Bead Garland

Created by: ClairAsage

Step: 1: Creating this pretty paper doilie and bead garland is easy. First gather the tools you will need. A pair of scissors and a yarn needle is all you really need to get started.

Step: 2: The materials needed to make a 3 yard length of garland: 33 paper doilies (You will want ones with holes along the inner edge of lace for stringing onto the cord). 33 beads with a hole large enough to accommodate the cord. 4 yards of cord. I used a yarn with the look and feel of suede. You will want something that will allow you to slide the paper up and down easily. The suede look yarn suited this and was just fuzzy enough to hold the doilies in place. You might have to experiment a little to find just the right cord or yarn for you.

Step: 3: Prepare your doilie by cutting the center out.

Step: 4: You will then cut the circular lace part so you have one strip of lace.

Step: 5: Make a slip knot at one end of the cord. Leave about a foot of tail so you can have a little freedom when it comes time to hang your creation. You will be stringing each bead and doilie down toward the end with the slip knot.

Step: 6: I switched to a contrasting color of yarn just to make the process more visible in this tutorial. Thread yarn in and out of the holes of the interior circle. I chose the set of holes that would leave me the most edge on the interior so there would be less chance of tearing.

Step: 7: The yarn needle is not necessary but it makes the process go quicker, just make sure you only weave in and out about an inch at a time pulling the yarn along as you go. Just get the yarn through the holes all the way to the end of the strip, gently pushing the paper doilie along as you go. You just want to get it threaded for now.

Step: 8: Once you get it threaded the easiest way to slide it down the entire length of cord to the slip knot is to create tension along its path. I hold the cord between my knees and with one hand sliding the doilie and the other holding the needle end of the cord up to create the tension. It slides easily in increments of repositioning the cord and applying tension until it is near the end.

Step: 9: Once it is within an inch or two of the slip knot, tie a double knot in front of the doilie to act as a bead stop.

Step: 10: String a bead, add another knot and start threading on another doilie.

Step: 11: After the next doilie is on you will want to measure three and a half inches from the first bead and tie a bead stop there. This will keep the beads a little more evenly spaced. Add a bead, tie another knot and continue stringing another doilie.

Step: 12: Continue measuring from the last bead to where you will tie the next bead stop and repeat these steps until you have 33 doilies and thirty three beads strung. Tie a slip knot in the end, hang your garland and enjoy! You can vary colors to suit holidays, team colors, ect.

Step: 13: This tutorial demonstrates how to make one nine foot strand of garland suitable for indoor use. Thanks for looking! Have fun!

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