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Lace bead and bow wedding garland

Created by: ClairAsage

Step: 1: This is a tutorial for making a wedding garland either using a kit from my Etsy shop or by collecting the materials on your own. The material list I am using will make a two yard width of garland that hangs 18" in length. You will need 3 yards of a binding type ribbon or cord to tie the lace to, 80 yards of lace 1"wide, scissors and 14 wooden beads.

Step: 2: The seam binding I used is about 7/16 wide. You want to be sure it will be able to poke through the beads. The lace in my Etsy shop kit is pre measured and already cut, but so everyone will benefit from this tutorial I will give the cut lengths. You will want to cut at least 3 yards of the binding so you have extra to tie off at the ends.

Step: 3: You will want to cut your 80 yards of lace into one yard lengths. The easiest way to do this for me is to hold one end of the lace in my right hand outstretched to my side and the other end to my left shoulder. That measures one yard for me. Then cut, measure cut until you have 80 or so one yard pieces.

Step: 4: The easiest way to string the garland is to have a couple of hooks to work off of. I have a couple of coat hooks that work well for me.

Step: 5: Sorry about the light in the picture it gets better I promise! Start by making a slip knot in the seam binding ribbon or cord and looping it around the hanger.

Step: 6: At the other end of the cord you will want to string on the fourteen beads and just make a little loop at the end to keep them in place. I twist the end of my cord and sometimes use a toothpick to help poke the end through the beads.

Step: 7: This is the last dark picture I promise! Just slide two of the beads up to the end you looped over the hook at the other end.

Step: 8: There that's better! The two beads that you slid up to the end that is hanging on the hook don't have to be in place just yet, you will be moving them around. The first bead should be a couple inches from the loop. Then you want to take one of the cut pieces of ribbon and fold it in half. Take the end with the loop and lay it over the binding from front towards the back like shown. Reach through the loop with your fingers from the back to grab the loose ends of the lace and pull through so it forms a loop over the binding as shown in the next picture.

Step: 9: Continue to pull to snug it up...not to tight...

Step: 10: Snug the other bead up in place. It should now look like this.

Step: 11: Repeat with four more of the one yard strips.

Step: 12: Bring two more beads down from the end.

Step: 13: Tie one of the yard strips between the two beads you just brought down.

Step: 14: Now you will want to cut one of the one yard strips in half and tie a little bow around the strips between the beads. If you are using the kit from my Etsy shop the bow strips have already been cut for you and are in the package marked bows and ties. From here you will continue on repeating the pattern with four more strips, bead,strip, bead, bows and so on until you reach the end and there are no more beads. The lace that is left over is for ties in the middle to help you hang it nicely.

Step: 15: This lace garland would look sensational along railing for a wedding. If you purchased a kit from my shop and are here because of the link I sent you, Thank you very much, and I hope you have fun with this. If you are here from cyberspace, hello feel free to visit me at Etsy and Thankyou for watching! ClairAsage

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