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DIY - Stud Your Clothing

Created by: VintageMandarin

Step: 1: Hi! This is my first tutorial I'm making, so let my say something about myself first :) I am a 13 years old girl and I'm from Holland (Don't blame me if my English is bad, sorry). I always loved crafting from when I was a kid. I hope you like my tutorials! I shall do my best to make them as clear as possible. Have fun with this first easy tutorial :D

Step: 2: The thing you'll need are: - Scissors - Hobby knife - A leather punch (if the thing you wanna add studs to is something leather) - Studs - A needle tool The next things are optional, if you want to add holes in the thing you are studding: - Sandpaper - tweezer

Step: 3: So, the first step in this tutorial is, of course, choosing the place where you want your studs. I decided to place them in the pocket of a jacket.

Step: 4: Add a piece of carton to make sure you don't poke trough the whole jacket.

Step: 5: Poke a hole with your knife on the place you want to put your studs.

Step: 6: Now use your needle tool to make sure the hole is big enough.

Step: 7: Place the back of your stud

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