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How to draw a cartoon guy

Created by: Gwynith290

Step: 1: Things You Will Need: Markers,Paper(Lots),Crayons,pencil,and a earser!

Step: 2: Make A Round Circle

Step: 3: Make The Line Like I Did!

Step: 4: Make The Hair!

Step: 5: Erase The line One the head like i did!

Step: 6: Draw a shrit like i did!

Step: 7: Draw the arms!

Step: 8: Draw the feet and the shoes!

Step: 9: Draw the Shorts and erase the lines you can see the lines on the shorts!

Step: 10: Draw the eyes!

Step: 11: Draw the mouth!

Step: 12: Draw the tounge!

Step: 13: This is how my became out to be you can do yours how ever you want!

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