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Bracelet, earrings or necklace

Created by: Storm_ms

Step: 1: U will need: Pliers Chain/necklace/bracelet links ( I used an old necklace I no longer use) Beads (this were from an old top) Clasp (or any other type of jewelry lock)

Step: 2: Open links with pliers just enough so you can slide in the beads.

Step: 3: The hole on my beads was a bit tight for my links, so I just pushed them in as far as I could without breaking and closed the link to hold them in place. After, start joining links as seen above.

Step: 4: Place clasp/lock on last link for bracelet or tight necklace. On along necklace you can just join the end links. Place "french hook" for earrings. And you're done. Have fun :)

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