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Fabric Cork Board

Created by: czarina72

Step: 1: Buy a cork board at a craft store. Chose the side you want to place the fabric on.

Step: 2: Spray glue all over cork board.

Step: 3: Place fabric over adhesive and press firmly and smooth out. I bought about 1 1/2 yards of fabric in my favorite color.

Step: 4: Buy thumb tacks and place all around the side of the board.

Step: 5: Place tacks firmly

Step: 6: Here is what it will look like with tacks placed all around.

Step: 7: Cut slits to fold over easier.

Step: 8: Hot glue all the sides over firmly. I cut out small sections at the top so I could screw in the hooks. It will be ready to hang.

Step: 9: Add scews

Step: 10: And hang! YAY!!!

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