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DIY Wrestling Bed * step by step instructions* Under $100

Created by: Tracy4dj8

Step: 1: Before and after pic. First, I had an old wooden bed frame. I cut off the head and foot board and left the corner posts.

Step: 2: I got 4" PVC pipe I had lying around and cut them all equal lengths. Then I drilled 3 small holes in each pipe (measuring carefully so all holes would be level on each pipe) where I wanted the ropes to be. I also put round metal rods the same length inside the pipe for added stability. I then put caps on top of the pipes and lightly sanded them.

Step: 3: I then spray painted the pipes black.

Step: 4: I cut some additional 2X2 slats for added stability under the mattress. I also cut some 1X6's (not pictured) and put one between the 2 front posts and 1 between the 2 back posts (at the bottom of the posts) for additional stability since I cut the head and foot board off.

Step: 5: I screwed eye hooks in all the holes I previously drilled. Then attached small springs to the eye hooks. I did not use turnbuckles as originally planned because they were too long and took up too much bed space. (This is a twin bed. Turnbuckles would probably be ok on a larger bed). On the other end of the springs I attached a metal ring to run the ropes through.

Step: 6: The only place I used turnbuckles was at the front of the bed at the end of each of the 3 ropes so my son could take the front ropes down easier and to tighten the ropes if needed. NOTE: The hook of the turnbuckle should be hooked to the metal ring(where the rope starts at the end of the spring) and not the eye screw as shown in this picture. See the next pic for the correct way. The ropes need to come together as a 'V' on all corners and not a square, as in this pic, to give it an authentic wrestling ring look.

Step: 7: Now start running the ropes around. Start by putting the end of the rope through the 1st metal ring and double back a good 6 inches of the end and electric tape the doubled rope generously to hold in place. Continue to thread the rope all the way around the bed. Tape the end of the rope the Same way as before to one end of the turnbuckle. Attach the opposite end of the turnbuckle hook to the metal ring. **DO NOT SKIP THIS NEXT STEP. This helps to avoid ENTANGLEMENT AND CHOKING DANGERS** After all ropes are done cut pipe insulation the same size of the ropes on all 4 sides. The insulation has a slit that you can open to slide over the all the ropes.

Step: 8: After all ropes are covered with pipe insulation duct tape all the way around every rope in the color of your choice. (THIS IS TEDIOUS BUT A MUST!) This insures the insulation will not come off to produce choking/strangling dangers and makes it look like an official wrestling ring rope.

Step: 9: Cut small insulation pieces to put over the spring on all corners.

Step: 10: I made the turnbuckle covers with vinyl fabric and I cut a mattress foam cover in sections for the padding. (Foam sheets were expensive. The twin mattress cover was $10)

Step: 11: I used eyelets on all 4 corners of the covers to run the string through and tie to the corners.

Step: 12: I cut and folded the vinyl in this shape and inserted the padding.

Step: 13: I then tied on all the covers.

Step: 14: Another look at the completed turnbuckle cover.

Step: 15: I painted the WWE logo in the center of a white sheet with fabric paint.

Step: 16: I added a fathead wall graphic

Step: 17: Add a black bed skirt, black commentator table, metal trash can (great toy box!) some steps and a small metal ladder.

Step: 18: And there you have it!!! One happy little man!!!

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