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Fabric Hair Bows (DIY GIRL)🎀

Created by: Its_just_yaz_

Step: 1: Your hair bows should look like this when u are finished

Step: 2: First cut a piece of fabric that is 6 inches x 8 inches and please be sure to measure correctly

Step: 3: Next fold it long ways 3 times

Step: 4: Once your done folding it 3 times fold both flaps to the center overlapping just a little

Step: 5: So here I changed my fabric but u are going to make a bow shape when u are done folding the flaps from last step

Step: 6: Like this

Step: 7: Next u at going to pull a needle and thread through the center

Step: 8: Then wrap the thread around the center and cut the thread don't worry about the boys you'll see why later

Step: 9: Carefully hot glue a piece of ribbon long enough to wrap around your bow and keep wrapping around center of bow until U have no more ribbon

Step: 10: Your bow should look like this

Step: 11: Last get a alligator clip and stick it through the ribbon on the back

Step: 12: And there you have it a DIY hair bow thx for watching this tutoriALL keep looking for some more DIY GIRL tutorials please leave a message if you enjoyed this tutoriALL

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