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How to make American girl shoes

Created by: Okw3112

Step: 1: Supplies needed: Cardboard Duct tape Scissors Pen Doll shoes for tracing

Step: 2: Trace around the doll shoe on the cardboard with pen

Step: 3: After you have them traced how you'd like, take scissors and carefully cut out

Step: 4: Cover the pieces of cut out cardboard with duct tape (any color)

Step: 5: After you have them both covered with your duct tape, take a different color and cut a 5" piece. Fold in half lengthwise as shown

Step: 6: Tape the strip to the bottom of the shoe.

Step: 7: Place it on the dolls foot, and wrap the piece around the foot and get it really tight.

Step: 8: After that you will just tape the other side to the bottom and then do the other shoe.

Step: 9: This is the bottom. It's a little messy! Lets fix that!

Step: 10: All I did was covered The bottom with black duct tape and tried them on!

Step: 11: And your done!! Yay great job!

Step: 12: Rockin the new shoes!

Step: 13: Done!!

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