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Duck tape hair bows (DIY GIRL)

Created by: Its_just_yaz_

Step: 1: These are what we will be making

Step: 2: Supplies needed scissors and your choice of duck tape

Step: 3: I'm using blue so get a long piece of tape and cut it

Step: 4: Once you've cut it fold it in half and go ahead and cut off the excess tape

Step: 5: Then fold both flaps to the center overlapping just a little then get another small piece of tape and tape the flaps together then you have this round thing

Step: 6: Then you turn it over to the side without any overlapping and make a bow shape

Step: 7: Last get a piece of tape of your choice and wrap it around the center of the bow and there u have it a DIY duck tape hair bow and if you want you can put a alligator clip on the back please leave a message if you enjoyed this tutoriALL

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