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How to Make and Dye a Yarn Pom Pom

Created by: Heygirlhey125

Step: 1: What you need is yarn and scissors for just the ball stuff for how to dye is coming later

Step: 2: Wrap yarn around fingers.

Step: 3: When there is about this much yarn on your fingers, take a little strip of yarn and put it in between the yarn and your fingers.

Step: 4: Tie yarn in a knot. Then take it off of your fingers.

Step: 5: Now clip the edges.

Step: 6: Now fluff up your Pom Pom! After you make a couple, you can dye them.

Step: 7: What you need to dye the Pom Pom with is: ~ A glass of water ~ Food coloring

Step: 8: Add 2 - 3 drops of food coloring in the water. Then stir.

Step: 9: I'm dying my Pom Pom 2 colors. If you're doing 1, keep it in for as long as you want. The longer it is in the water, the darker it will be.

Step: 10: If you are doing 2 colors, make sure to have the half that's dyed dry. You can also wring out your Pom Pom.

Step: 11: When done, you can wring your Pom Pom out again.

Step: 12: If you don't like your Pom Pom's color, you can wash it out.

Step: 13: Your done!

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