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Mini Skittles Coin Purse

Created by: Kkcutie

Step: 1: What you need: scissors, skittles wrapper, zip block bag

Step: 2: You will also need clear tape and any color duck tape

Step: 3: Rip the wrapper neatly

Step: 4: Cover the both wrappers with clear tape on the front side

Step: 5: Cut the access tape off the wrappers

Step: 6: Cover the back of the wrappers with duck tape

Step: 7: Cut the access tape off

Step: 8: Cut the zippy part of the zip block bag but leave a little space

Step: 9: Cut to size of wrapper then cut a little piece of the edges

Step: 10: Cut a piece of duck tape the size of the wrapper then cut it in half

Step: 11: Rip apart the zip block bag

Step: 12: Put duck tape along the zippy part but on the space you left and put it on wrapper ( you can cut what is left hanging on the wrapper )

Step: 13: Sorry I didn't finish but you can go on YouTube and search ( How to duck tape coin purse from candy wrapper ). My finished product

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