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How to Make Pizza

Created by: Nhoyas

Step: 1: Gather your materials

Step: 2: Open the pizza crust

Step: 3: Place pizza crust onto the pizza tray

Step: 4: Open the Pizza Sauce

Step: 5: Pour the pizza sauce in the middle of the pizza crust

Step: 6: Spread the pizza sauce around the pizza

Step: 7: Open the pack of cheese

Step: 8: Pour cheese onto the pizza

Step: 9: Pour more cheese onto the pizza

Step: 10: Spread the cheese throughout the pizza

Step: 11: Open the oven

Step: 12: Place the pizza in the oven

Step: 13: Close the oven

Step: 14: Cook for 8 minutes on 425 degrees

Step: 15: Cut up the pizza

Step: 16: Put some pizza on your plate

Step: 17: Eat and enjoy your pizza!

Step: 18: Wash dishes and clean up.

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