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Purplicious eyes!

Created by: marinegirl

Step: 1: Get a clean facial wipe.

Step: 2: Then wipe excess makeup from earlier or just clean for freshness to start.

Step: 3: Take 3 purple eye shadows, 1 light purple, 1 regular bright purple, and 1 dark purple.

Step: 4: Get a good, small fluffy brush.

Step: 5: Put the light purple eye shadow on your brush.

Step: 6: Apply to your lids only.

Step: 7: Next take your bright but regular purple and put it on your brush.

Step: 8: And then apply that to the outer half of your eyelid and fade it into the lighter half a tiny bit.

Step: 9: For the last shadow, take the dark purple and put it on your brush.

Step: 10: Then put it in your crease.

Step: 11: Get a dark color eye liner.

Step: 12: Then lightly apply it.

Step: 13: Lastly get your mascara.

Step: 14: Apply well to your lashes.

Step: 15: And to your bottom lashes.

Step: 16: And here is the final look!

Step: 17: Enjoy!!!

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