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Softer skin and pain relief

Created by: Alexahumber

Step: 1: You will need...

Step: 2: A body butter or a very thick lotion

Step: 3: Some vaseline

Step: 4: Dry, cut, painful or normal skin (however you want to use this)

Step: 5: Take your preferred about of the body butter

Step: 6: On the SAME finger, take at least 3/4 of Vaseline

Step: 7: Gently warm them both up by rubbing your fingers together

Step: 8: Until mixed....

Step: 9: Apply to preferred type/area of skin

Step: 10: Weird, but start massaging it in

Step: 11: Until light or dissolved!

Step: 12: If you want to wash off, leave it on from 10-15 minutes until removing with warm water

Step: 13: Hope it works!!

Step: 14: #ugly %uD83D%uDE13

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