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Duct Tape Flower

Created by: Rachel11

Step: 1: This Duct tape Flower is perfect for a gift! Make bunches and bunches using stuff you have at home!

Step: 2: You will need scissors, a skewer, a straw and duct tape!

Step: 3: Take the duct tape and measure the length of the straw and cut it off using the scissors!

Step: 4: Now to wrap the straw. Put the straw on the edge of the duct tape you have cut and roll it up so the whole straw is completely covered!

Step: 5: Your straw should now be completely covered! Like this!

Step: 6: Now cut your skewer to size and insert into the covered straw!

Step: 7: Cover each end neatly using thin strips of duct tape!

Step: 8: Now for the pedals! Cut around 20-30 strips of duct tape about 7cm each!

Step: 9: Fold the strips sticky side to sticky side making sure to leave a sticky strip at the end!

Step: 10: Then cut a pedal shape in to the non sticky top and side edges! Do this to all!

Step: 11: Now on an angle fold the strips neatly around the straw you prepared earlyer your flower is coming together!

Step: 12: Repeat using about 15 pedals and see how it's looking if you like it like this then simply skip the next step!

Step: 13: Repeat until you have used all the pedals and you will have something like this! Remember to put each pedal above the last one to get the flower affect!

Step: 14: Next cut 3 strips about double the side of the pedal strips you did earlyer!

Step: 15: Fold them as you did with the other pedals leaving a sticky strip! Do this for the following 2! And cut the top and side edges in to a pedal shape!

Step: 16: Put around your flower this makes your flower look neater and prettier !

Step: 17: This is the complete flower I hope you enjoyed my tutorial on how to make a duct tape flower be sure to try this flower with different styles and colours of duct tape!

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