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Three braids in ONE

Created by: LaraEisha

Step: 1: What we are going to do today is Three Braids in ONE. It's really easy and very unique!!! :)

Step: 2: First step is, of course you need to comb/brush your hair before you braid.

Step: 3: Second, you need to split your hair into three equal sections.

Step: 4: Next, make a regular braid at the first section.

Step: 5: Do the same thing at the second section.

Step: 6: And of course do the same thing at the third section.

Step: 7: And what you gonna do is to braid the three braids. It really looks cute!!!

Step: 8: And now were done!!! Nope just kidding! The last step is to decorate your braidiful braid!!! You can decorate it with any kind of Hair Accessories like bows, hair clips and you could wear a headband. We hope you like this tutorial and please give this tutorial a thumbs up and we'll talk to you at our next tutorial!!! Bye and Enjoy!!! :)

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