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No sew fabric bow

Created by: Flaberdashid

Step: 1: Hey I'm going to show you how to make a now sew fabric bow . This tutorial is very easy

Step: 2: First pick your fabric and cut a square about 6 inches wide by 12 inches long. ( if you want it smaller cut a smaller square. I will be making a smaller one. ) it does not need to be a perfect square. So don't worry

Step: 3: Now you should warm up your hot glue gun.

Step: 4: When your hot glue gun is warm we can start gluing

Step: 5: Fold the long edges in about half an inch or so and glue little by little. And it does not need to be perfectly straight. DONT USE TO MUCH GLUE !!!!!!!

Step: 6: This is what it should look like.

Step: 7: Next fold piece in half like this.

Step: 8: Now fold again on both sides so they meet in the middle and overlap just enough to glue.

Step: 9: Now glue it should look like this when it is done.

Step: 10: Glue the wide sides like this.

Step: 11: Now pinch the middle seam and fold both sides to the middle like a fan.

Step: 12: Pinch the middle and glue it together.

Step: 13: Now cut a thin strip 1 inch by 6 inches of any fabric

Step: 14: Glue one end then keep wrapping and glue the end.

Step: 15: Now take an alligator clip and put it through the middle on the side you don't want showing.

Step: 16: Enjoy ! Hope you liked please leave comments on what you want me to make next !!!! Bye !!!!!

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