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How to make a Rainbow Loom bracket with 2 colors on the same side

Created by: Tess123

Step: 1: 1st take a color rubber band and make it into the infinity sign or twist it into an eight shape.

Step: 2: 2nd add 3 more rubber bands.

Step: 3: 3rd lift up the bottom rubber bands to the rubber bands on the top.2 helpful hints: don't let the rubber bands over lap and u should every time ALWAYS have 4 rubber bands on the loom.

Step: 4: 4th add a rubber band. Watch the pictures more carefully now cause it gets harder.

Step: 5: 5th take the bottom rubber band and lift 1 side up. Then lift up the rubber band above it on the other side. Remember, look at the pictures.

Step: 6: 6th lift up the bottom rubber bands on both sides so u only have 2 left on the loom.

Step: 7: 7th add 2 more rubber bands and repeat steps 5 and 6.

Step: 8: This is what it looks like when it is finished. As u can tell, this is a different 1 I made. I made this pattern by myself. I like this pattern because u get 2 different colors on 1 side. I hope u like it%uD83D%uDE0A U can get a Rainbow Loom kit at Michael's or various craft stores%u263A%uFE0F

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