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Build an Atom

Created by: MinnieMe

Step: 1: Gather supplies: -Pom-poms -wire -wire cutters -hot glue gun -floral tape(optional) -styrofoam ball

Step: 2: Building the nucleus: Glue Pom-poms(protons and neutrons), onto the styrofoam ball.

Step: 3: This is how the nucleus should look like.

Step: 4: Now get the wire and shape it into the first ring.Then cut it with the wire cutters.

Step: 5: Do the same with the other rings(depending on how many you need),making each one a bit bigger.Also if you have floral tape, wrap the coiled wire.

Step: 6: Connect all the rings, including the nucleus.

Step: 7: Finally I added a label stating the information.Then your done.

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