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How to make a polymer clay pea charm

Created by: Hana

Step: 1: So first what you want to do is grab 2 colors of clay and those colors are gonna be light green and dark green

Step: 2: Then you should flatten the dark green and make it into a rectangle it doesn't matter how big it is you can make it any size you want you will need a knife for this

Step: 3: Put that rectangle aside for later and grab 3 little pea sized shapes out of light green clay and stick them together

Step: 4: Then, lay the pea shaped clay on to the middle of the rectangle

Step: 5: The next thing you want to do is close the rectangle on to the peas as shown in the photo

Step: 6: Cut the access clay off

Step: 7: This will be the finished image, I hope you enjoyed this

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