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How to draw a cute cartoon bird

Created by: Craftmyworld

Step: 1: You will need a marker of your choice (I prefer black) and a sheet of paper

Step: 2: You are going to draw a shape like this. Kind of like a shark fin with a dot and a semi circle under it

Step: 3: Then you will draw a curved line on top of the beak. This is the top of the birds head.

Step: 4: Next draw a shape like above. This will act like the eye.

Step: 5: Next draw the middle of the eye. Draw a thick line on the side. Then draw a semi circular shape with the black and white parts in it.

Step: 6: After that, starting at the beak draw a line and at the end draw 2 little bumps, which are feathers.

Step: 7: From the middle of the feathers that we just drew draw a curved line as the chest. Then extend the back of the neck a little bit and add a wing. (I kind of messed up on mine)

Step: 8: Next add the feet and hair up top.

Step: 9: Over the first wing I drew a line to represent a second wing

Step: 10: Then you finished! Great job! This can be great as a room poster, a card for friends and family, or something to do on your LONG LONG LONG 30 minute.

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