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Paper beads

Created by: Katie kat

Step: 1: You will need: glue of any sort,scisors,a straw or round pencil preferably a bright colour and paper. And sorry about photos I'm using an ipad and it's dark so I had it under lightbulb I know IT SUCKS

Step: 2: Cut paper into strips about 1-2cm and you will need about 6-8 strips then put thin layer of glue all the way up the paper

Step: 3: Or put glue on end of paper then add some a bit down roll to end of glue and add more then roll and carry on doing it until you finish that roll of paper

Step: 4: Afterwards it should look like this sorry about quality I zoomed in and if you have some loose spaces don't worry that will make the near end step easier. Now just keep putting layers on

Step: 5: It should look like this then simply take it off pencil/straw by sliding off end then push middle so it turns to a triangle

Step: 6: After that it should look like this then put glue in hole at small end unless u want to put it as neclace or bracelet then put glue to fill holes and paint and ur finished

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