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Coloured streaks in hair (washable)

Created by: Katie kat

Step: 1: It's like hair dye that washes strait need eyeshadow or chalk of any colour you want

Step: 2: Next get a piece of hair spread it out and cover in water

Step: 3: Then add water to your first colour but not too much and not too little

Step: 4: Brush the colour on whith a wide brush and I'm sorry about the quality I zoomed in

Step: 5: If u want a mixed colour for example aqua you may add some chalk like I added blue to green eyeshadow chalk is easyer to mix in and stiks to water and mixes good whith water

Step: 6: Comb out extra peices of chalk then wrap in tissue when you think your colour is bright/dark enough

Step: 7: Wrap in tissue then wait for it to dry meanwhile do the other colours you want to do and wait again

Step: 8: Then put CONDITIONER in a pot and this was meant to be at beginning of each colour but if your following through whilst doing it just change it to putting it on top.

Step: 9: or you could put dry shampoo on. just use a tiny bit of water and a thin layer of conditioner/dry shampoo and dry with hair dryer or air dry DO NOT USE TOWEL AS THAT MAY RUB IT OUT. and it should be done (SOME COLOURS MAY NOT SHOW UP) thank you for reading :tip:the lighter colour of hair the better it will show up:.

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