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How To Discover Yourself

Created by: Desquik

Step: 1: Step 1: The first step is looking back on your year and seeing if you were genuinely happy. If not, keep following these steps.

Step: 2: Step 2: Instead of being around the same friends or even at home alone, explore new people and get out of your comfort zone.

Step: 3: Step 3: Find out as time goes what you enjoy the most . It can go from as small as enjoying reading to as big as making music and performing it as well.

Step: 4: Step 4: Make a collage of events and goals you want to achieve so that way you have something to motivate you in order to be happier this year.

Step: 5: Step 5: live with what is happening right now. Because if you dwell too much on the past and focus too much on the future. You'll miss a lot of great moments that are being created right now.

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