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How to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle More

Created by: SandLeo

Step: 1: Method One Reduce

Step: 2: 1 Develop an awareness about how and when you use electricity. - Ex: turning off TV, Radio,IPod, ect.

Step: 3: 2 Observe your water consumption patterns - Ex: Reducing your shower time

Step: 4: 3 Consider your transportation options - Ex: Walking, riding a bike, organizing carpools

Step: 5: Method Two Reuse

Step: 6: 1 Purchase recycled products such as recycled paper for your printing needs.

Step: 7: 2 Buy clothes and accessories from nice thrift shops or cloth swaps instead of purchasing new merchandiser

Step: 8: 3 Use a plastic bag in a small trash can, instead of buying an actual small garbage bags.

Step: 9: 4 Make an old magazine into a pretty collage for art and your creative arts and crafts ideas

Step: 10: Method Three Recycle

Step: 11: Put glass, paper, aluminum, and plastic in a recycling bins at your house or bins near school.

Step: 12: 2 Trade clothes that you don't want or need and give them to a friend or donation.

Step: 13: 3 Use all tips and get started to reusing, reducing, and recycling, and have fun!!!

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