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My polymer clay creations

Created by: 444777

Step: 1: Sorry the camera shot in this one is not so good but this one is a chibi iron man

Step: 2: This is a mad rilakuma

Step: 3: A blue and yellow dragon

Step: 4: A red an black dragon

Step: 5: A Halloween figurine

Step: 6: A mini Hersey kiss

Step: 7: A small egg

Step: 8: A purple mamegoma holding a blueberry

Step: 9: A piranha plant from Mario

Step: 10: A bitten cookie

Step: 11: A hotdog and fries with ketchup

Step: 12: A tofu block

Step: 13: Bitten out of Popsicle

Step: 14: A evil minion

Step: 15: A girafffe

Step: 16: A octopus with a top hat and moustache

Step: 17: A girl octopus with top hat

Step: 18: A marshmallow

Step: 19: So guys thanks for viewing and please leave comments and ideas plus I will do shout outs and tutorials new charm updates will be soon!!!!ud83dudc4dud83dudc4d

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