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How to be fit 💪

Created by: Adriherrr

Step: 1: Get workout clothes, being flexible I'm your clothing will make you more likely to get up and take a jog.

Step: 2: Stretch, this Increases blood and nutrient supply to muscles, thereby possibly reducing muscle soreness

Step: 3: Dance,Take jogs and long walks. Be active instead of watching tv.

Step: 4: Eat healthy, by simply eating fruit, veggies, and meats. Cut up fruit and put them at the front of the fridge.

Step: 5: Drink water, an average of 8 glasses a day, it helps you re energize and keep going.

Step: 6: Challenge yourself. If you run a maximum of 3 miles try adding half a mile every other day. Motivate yourself, remember bikini season is almost here.

Step: 7: Feel good about yourself. Think healthy be healthy.

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