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How to read medical terminology.

Created by: Zuleica Martinez

Step: 1: Step:1 Get the first part of the word like "cerebr" then create and audionym that will help you remember what it's means. Cerebr sounds like zebra (see the Zebra with a brain for a head. The meaning of the word is brain.

Step: 2: Step 2: the second half of the word which is "malacia." The audionym for malacia can be my late show (see the tv that is very soft.) The meaning is soft.

Step: 3: You have the word the first thing you do I bracket the Os. This helps to separate the words and find the meaning.

Step: 4: The meaning of cerebromalacia is the condition of the softening of the brain.

Step: 5: In the word hepatitis there is no O but the second word starts with an "I" as long as there is an "O" and "I" you can separate the word and find the meaning.

Step: 6: You draw a line to separate the words and the get the meaning. Heap means liver and itis means inflammation. So the meaning of the word hepatitis means inflammation of the liver. Make sure to always read from right to left when you're defining medical terms.

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